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Genealogische Nachforschungen und Erbenermittlung

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13088 Berlin

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Heir finding

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  • Processing of probate/estate matters inland and abroad,
    • for which the heirs are totally or partially unknown, worldwide heir search, in particular USA, Canada, England, Poland
    • design of family trees
    • presentation of successions
  • Probates/estates for which the succession right of the treasury will occur or threatens to occur
  • Consolidation resp. liquidation of undivided communities of heirs
  • Procurement of documents indispensable to certify the right of succession - nation- and worldwide
  • Search for unknown estate owners
  • Clarification of ownership relations in estates and other assets
  • Search for individuals and definition of their places of residence
  • Search for biological parents in case of adoptions

Our clients

  • Municipal adminstrations
  • Estate executors and administrators
  • Legal representatives according to § 11b Vermögensgesetz (VermG) Property Law
  • Attorneys-at-law and notaries
  • Building and estate administrations
  • Heirs from partially unknown communities of heirs
  • Private persons