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Genealogische Nachforschungen und Erbenermittlung

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As a rule, we as heir finders spend rather a lot of money and time in order to bring our investigations to a successful ending. The expenses incurred in this process are exclusively advanced by us.

The fee to be paid for our investigations is made up of a percentage based on the net probate/estate value (i.e. after deduction of any liabilities), ranging between 20 – 30 % according to investigative complexity and expenditure, plus legal VAT and a flat proportionate reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.

Our fee is only due when the probate/estate value is paid out and we don’t ask for any down payments either. 

Should our investigations remain without result, we don’t have the right to claim a fee whatsoever, any costs incurred are at our expense.

We are, of course, ready to implement your individual orders concerning parts of our services offered as well as to help you in specific succession matters. 

We offer these services at variable conditions; you decide yourself if we shall act for you on an hourly rate base, on down payment, on profit sharing or flat charge.

We will then provide a tailor made offer subject to legal stipulations and under strict observation of data protection. Its contents will be determined by your requirements and objectives. A Power of Attorney outlines the services’ extent.

This success-based system guarantees absolute security and efficiency for our clients.


In case of inheritance tax assessment our fee is to be considered as inheritance liability!